On-screen character Beverly Afaglo is brave ladies who are trolling her significant other to prepared themselves for a confrontation with him to affirm his strength in bed.

Her remark is on the rear of a distribution which cited her to have said her significant other, Eugene Baah, referred to in showbiz hovers as Choirmaster can’t fulfill her in bed.

The on-screen character was said to have commented on 3FM that she depends on sex toys to arrive at climax since her significant other comes up short on the solidarity to.

“Along these lines, truth is, I was uncovered, exceptionally uncovered before marriage however my better half didn’t have the foggiest idea. I needed to introduce ‘the great young lady’ mentality all through the romance time frame and now marriage. We have been hitched for a long time and I don’t recall having climax even one time,” a statement credited to her read.

As indicated by the distribution, she offered the remark after host of the show, Etornam Sey uncovered the quantity of letters she had gotten from ladies who are crying over their powerlessness to arrive at climax in their individual relationships.

Days after the distribution was made, Beverly Afaglo in an online life post, Monday, has fervently denied ever articulating such words.

While sorting the records out, she referenced that “it’ll be dumb on my part to say that deprecatory articulation regarding him when am still with him and not separated or having issues.”

She communicated frustration in the media saying, “It’s interesting how news coverage or blogging has come about to lies just to bring in cash off individuals’ destruction, it’s a disgrace.”

In what gave off an impression of being a test tossed at ladies who accepted the distribution, she stated: “… for all the trollers which lion’s share are ladies, it would be ideal if you I’m opening paradise entryway, come and attempt my significant other. On the off chance that you no run leaving your pantie, I’m certain you’ll begin battling me once again him.”

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